RAAL ITALY, in order to offer a wider range of products, is now able to meet a new sector that of the "tractor specialists", to give at the service of the agricultural vehicle the possibility to having a spare, in different construction systems (aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum or copper-brass). This ready-delivery service is able to cover a wide range of tractors from years past to present. The peculiarity of RAAL ITALY service remains always the same: product quality, delivery speed, service and friendliness.

Case IH

Brand Case IH
Series Case IH 570LXT - 570MXT - 580 SUPER L - 580L - 580
Code RAAL Italy RA0NH0110094
Code OEM 234876A1 234876A2 234882A1 239739A1 239739A2
Core dimension 470 x 516 x 102
Brand Case IH
Series Case IH MX100 - MX110 - MX120 - MX135
Code RAAL Italy RA0NH0110095
Code OEM 135690A3 135691A3 244295A1
Core dimension 570 x 564 x 102
Brand Case IH
Series Case IH MXU100 - MXU110 - MXU115 - MXU115 Value
Code RAAL Italy RA0NH0110184
Code OEM 702605 82033774 87306756 87306757
Core dimension 595 x 540 x 114