• 2005 Opening RAAL ITALY
  • 2006 New range of standard products
  • 2007 Increase of the stock through New Customers
  • 2009 Opening New Office
  • 2013 New Products Catalog Standard
  • 2015 Growth of new standard products
RAAL ITALY is the Italian official seat of RAAL S.A. - Romania, the leader industry in the production of complete cooling systems, brazed aluminum heat exchangers.
RAAL has invested in technology and equipment, and today it’s able to meet the needs of each market sector, from agriculture one to industrial sector, from automotive to the earthmoving machines sector. Every client and application are important to RAAL and, for this purpose, RAAL has a specialized equipe for each type of use and application (R & D, designing of heat exchanger, designing and production of equipment, designing and production of tools and test equipment, Manufacture PF, Logistics, Marketing).
With 30 years of experience, RAAL makes use of a strong and creative Research & Development department, of more than 150 engineers and a well-equipped testing center, always ready to offer excellence and able to develop a new product in a short time.
The strength of RAAL is flexibility in implementing the cooling systems of all kinds, thanks to the various possibilities of designing various types of cooling for all customer needs, developing them with him. RAAL is structured to be able to track each customer and each project, thanks to specialized teams in each field type and application (design, equipment, programming and production of test equipment and test).