The strength of RAAL is the flexibility in implementing all kinds of cooling systems to satisfy the demand of the client. Thanks to the Team in its interior, RAAL is structured to be able to follow every customer and every project. The RAAL heat exchangers are designed and manufactured with the following constructive solutions: Plates & Bars, Braised Tubes, Shell type, Extruded Tubes and Plates Braised. RAAL designs and produces cooling systems and heat exchangers such as water radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers, air exchangers, fuel exchangers, condensers and evaporators.
RAAL designs and manufactures stainless steel heat exchangers, suitable for high pressures, high temperatures and corrosive environments, using vacuum furnace brazing technology

Heat exchangers

  • Radiators
  • Oil coolers
  • Air coolers
  • EGR's

Constructive solutions

  • Plate & Bar
  • Shell
  • Brazed plates


  • Heat pumps
  • High pressure compressors
  • Mining equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Chemical and food industry equipment
  • EGR systems
  • Heat recovery systems